Key features of all Proper Course & Co. products include a combination of sport and luxury design, as well as functional features that allow for improved fit, comfort and wearability.

We are Proper Course & Co.

Inspired by performance sailing and its inherent complexity and utter simplicity, we are an aspirational, premium-quality lifestyle footwear brand.

Proper Course & Co. commands the respect of others as the Helmsman of the crew. Proper Course & Co. is self-confident. Proper Course & Co. is straight-forward, precise and competitive.

Rational, to the point of being detail-obsessed, Proper Course & Co. is meticulous, technical and contemporary and creates highly technical footwear with a unique design-driven lifestyle edge.

Proper Course & Co. is a free-thinker, charting its own course and enjoys being in control.

Matt Murphy – CEO/Founder
Ever since he was young, Matt has had a deep appreciation of the water. Proper Course & Co. is the thoroughly modern expression of this inspiration combined with Matt’s passion for design and sartorial excellence.

A native of the East Coast, Matt is currently living and working in Portland, Ore. in the creative advertising industry. He enjoys simple solutions to complex problems, and prefers Zaha Hadid over Frank Gehry.

Creative Design and Strategic Development by The Directive Collective.

The essence of competitive sailing is efficiency and balance. The complexity and order of rigging and trimming is an exercise in constant control and effective technical precision. Balancing this is the simplicity of a boat powered by the wind alone.

Proper Course & Co. understands this balance and embraces the need for the adaptability necessitated by life on the water.

Inspired by sailing, and the duality of these extremes, Proper Course & Co. combines sport, technical performance, and exacting design with luxury, leisure and culture to create functional and purposeful footwear, wrapped in an aspirational lifestyle-performance story.

“Like a modern racing yacht, products are designed to present a balance between technical complexity, function and stark simplicity, mixed with a dose of

According to the Sailing Rules of Racing, The Proper Course is defined as the best course a boat would take to finish first in the absence of other boats. When encountering another boat The Proper Course is used to define right of way.

We at The Proper Course are always looking to find the best course, and finish first.

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